Gallery 3 – Warrior Training July 2016 at Wortelgat, Stanford.

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Gallery 2 – Warrior Training  March 2016 at Matroosberg

Gallery 1

The Joshua Trust was established in 2012 to arrange, manage and host the Association of Military Christian Fellowships’ (AMCF) Global Interaction 2014. The Global Interaction was successfully hosted over five days in Cape Town, South Africa in December 2014 with 528 participants from 86 countries.

In preparation of the Global Interaction the Joshua Trust, in partnership with its international partners, hosted three Warrior Training events to train military members, mostly under 30 year olds, from 5 (five) southern African and 3 (three) countries further afield as a Support Team for the Global Interaction; this training proved to be very effective in not only training a support team for the Global Interaction but also developing the leadership potential of young people who have subsequently had a positive impact in their work, social and civil environments.