Warrior Training

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Warrior Training is a leadership development programme which bridges the gap from theoretical to experiential and has been designed to unleash participants’ leadership potential by instilling value based decision making, moral values and work ethic; It gives the participants a variety of skills needed for effective team leadership such as introspection; effective communication; small group facilitation; problem solving, value based decision making and team leadership. The one discriminating advantage the Warrior Training programme has over other leadership training programmes is that it equips and empowers young people to become confident leaders through various experiential exercises that reinforces and cements theory into experiential learning. Many of the past participants have become employees of choice by the leadership of their Organisations after participating in one or more Warrior Training events.

The Joshua Trust sees its calling in developing leadership potential in the Joshua Generation (20 – 40 years old); training, enabling and developing young people primarily within the Southern Africa Security Cluster (Defence, Police and Correctional Services) as well as people from the corporate and private sector to become self-disciplined transformational servant leaders. Where there is capacity; these opportunities are also open to young people not from the Security Cluster.

The Warrior Training programme is structured in such a manner that ensures that each activity, teaching and interaction at an individual level leads to strengthening personal leadership; and at a group level leads to building a strong unified team. This process is used to identify leadership potential of the young people to assist them in developing their own leadership growth paths and identify potential mentors and leaders for future Warrior Training events. The majority of the Warrior Training support and leadership team are graduates of previous Warrior Training events who have then completed the Advanced Leaders’ training.